Our goal is to take care of every woman regardless of her age or size and underline her unique beauty.


Our professional and personal approach to each of you will highlight the unique beauty that you have in you. We will provide a complete visage and styling suitable for portrait, family, maternity and other interior and exterior photography.

We help brides fulfill their dream of one of the most beautiful days in their lives. On the wedding day we will take care of the complete look and hair styling of the bride. We can also visage and hair styling for wedding guests, moms, witnesses and bridesmaids.



The models that come from our workroom are and will always be ORIGINAL.
Presented models are only a prototype that you will be able to see or try. You will be able to customize the selected model according to your wishes and then tailor it for you.
Only then you will leave us with an original piece, into which you put a piece of themselves.
Every model you choose from us will be made only for you and no one else.
Only then you will own the original.

Beauty in simplicity. We are not on any extravagance. Our goal is to create models that are suitable for everyday wear, but also for any social event.
Women should not be afraid of elegance, but on the contrary it should create.

Elegant and simple

For each of you!

Every woman is different. It is not always possible to get what we really want. Our goal is to focus on all sizes and to make every woman feel beautiful, elegant and comfortable. Every woman is beautiful and it's a shame to hide this beauty!

Our customers say about us...

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"Thank you very much for a wonderful wedding hairstyle and makeup that Marketa has created exactly according to my ideas. The bonus was then professional help with dressing and overall finish. I'm so glad I chose her. Great communication, punctuality, perfect result! It was unbelievable how she took care of me and conjured up a princess from me :-) Markéta is a very nice lady who does her job precisely. I can only recommend Mrs. Marketa!"


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"I can only recommend Markéta !!! 🙂🙂🙂 All my requests were fulfilled beyond expectations! Hairstyle and makeup were absolutely perfect and survived without a single mistake all day! ❤️ Thank you so much !!!"


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"For myself I can recommend Markéta 100%! 🙂 She is very nice and above all handy. I was very satisfied with the result of my wedding makeup and hairstyle!"


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"I was very satisfied. Markéta is very nice, we consulted everything, always came up to my comments and had great ideas and suggestions 🙂 I could not choose better, she has golden hands and she has makeup and hairstyle eye. I recommend everyone very much 🙂"


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"Mája is exactly the person you want to have with you when you have 10 minutes to go to your wedding and need to put on your wedding dress. It spreads calm and positive atmosphere, adapts to your make-up requirements and feel free to hesitate if it is too far away from you. Certainly I highly recommend her services, precisely such a person in preparation for your big day you want to have on hand."


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"I can definitely recommend Markéta! Her approach was absolutely professional, nice and still smiling. Her work was already very precise at the rehearsal, even better on the wedding day👍Hairstyle and make-up was according to my wishes and everything lasted until the morning 👌I'm glad that I chose her!"


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"Markéta is a wonderful positive person. I enjoyed both the rehearsal and the work on my wedding day - it was a nice relax with a wonderful result. Despite the longer driving distance, she was always exactly every minute for every minute. Hairstyle and make-up perfect and both lasted long into the night."